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LED Installation Guide

Published:2013-6-13 15:59:25

1. Connect the proper polarity of wires to the modules.

2. The distance between the Acrylic panel and LED module should be kept within 5 to 13cm, to avoid bright or dark spots on the cover. Carefully choose the acrylic panel, the light-diffusion and permeating of which has great effect on brightness and uniform of the light from boxes.

3. The voltage of the power supply and that of the LED modules should be matched.

4. The LED modules should be fixed firmly inside the light-box. Screw can be used when necessary.

5. Length of the Wire: Short wire is recommended(less than 3m),with diameter larger or equal to 18AWG#.Wider wire should be chosen when it is longer than 3m.

6. For every loop of modules connected in series, the maximum number of modules see parameter list please . If there are more than one loop of modules used , another loop should be started. The last module of every loop should be connected to the fan-out, to avoid uniform of each module light.

7. Waterproof measures are required for light-box when non-waterproof modules are used outdoor.

Working temperature: -40~81?漯SPAN>.

Moisture: <75%(for a long time)??<90%(normal).
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