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Published:2013-6-13 15:58:39

Because fluorescence it is glass that manifestation hold product, avoid ising hit by impact as far as possible.

While installing, can use a sea cotton tape holds the fluorescence manifestation glues to stick in PC board with other flat panel, or fix in the plastics first-class.Need to adopt the necessary quakeproof measure.

While installing, the row windpipe surroundings wants to stay the certain space, do not get in touch with other spare parts or hull piece.

Usage inside demand break the curved tube the feet, can't make take care of the feet seal with glass to connect the part suffers the dint.At the same time, fold the curved part wants to leave the root over and above 2 mms.

The electricity hots irons the welding temperature tallest for 3500 Cs, but can't over 3 second.Immerse the tin slot temperature tallest for 2600 Cs, can't over 5 second.In immerse tin slot weld, can't line up windpipe dip into soldering slot, in order to prevent row windpipe break.

Tube feet after welding, avoid the super a cleaning possibly, long hours use strong and super a wave, will shake to break the light silk with cause the fluorescence powder peeling off.

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