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Bright adjustment

Published:2013-6-13 15:58:16

The bright degree that fluorescence manifestation hold general is fixed, but bright bigger situation in a variety in some environments then must as to it's the bright a proceeding adjusts.

A regulatory method reach two, on ising a Du to changes anode, grid electric voltage, two is changes pulseel actrnic voltage.

The electric voltage adjusts

The method is more simple, then having no problem within the scope of standard electric voltage of, but generally speak, the most situation all hope to be darker than that scope's, such on coming to grid will die down to the electronic acceleration, proliferation function but make show the quality lowly, easy creation manifestation not the phenomenon of the Ԉ, so must set up the boundary within the scope of regulatory.Fix anode and grid electric voltages and increases the method ground that close be partial to press substantially with lower anode and grid electric voltages near to, but close to be partial to ran over big, result in the word an edge shadow easily, want to keep in mind specially, and also therefore and does not encourage to use this method.

The pulse adjusts

If the grid says with anode item, the other term is certain,, bright degree with occupy the empty ratio( Du) positive example.Therefore changes under the situation of doing not change anode, grid electric voltage and occupying the empty ratio pulse range, or do not change anode, grid electric voltage and pulse range but the changes occupies the empty ratio( Du), all can adjust bright degree.This method regardless under any ratio, all not unlikely to resulting in to show the quality the low falling, therefore please adopt as far as possible this method.But to the static the VFD that drive changes the Du proceeds to adjust the light, must the infliction grid close to be partial to press.
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