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What is a LED?

Published:2013-6-13 15:57:53

In certain semiconductor material PN knot,Which will theminority carrier of infusion andmajority carrier compound ShihPa redundant Chi earnestly resentment badger of form acquitcomeout?Hereby Pa electric energy direct conversion for lightenergy. . ??PN knot add anti Hsiang voltage,Minority carrierdifficult to infusion,Therefore No, aglow. ??

This kind of availoneself of infusion style electricity to aglow principium make the crystal diode of call led,Appellative LED? LED aglow color concerned in luminosity and fabricator LED material Ho craft,Currently widelyused have Hung , green , Lan three plants. ??Based on LED operating tensions low ( littles less than 1.5-3V),Neng initiative aglow and has at all events brightness,Brightness and employable voltage ( or electric current ) accommodate,In itself and endure buffets , shocks resistances moves , ages long ( 10 Wan hour ),Forasmuch in man- size display device,

Currently Shang free from more bring out mode and LED bring out mode is equal to.? Do Pa red Ho green LED put together as a pixel the bring out of fabricator screen call Shuang base color screen or pseudo-color screen;Pa Hung , green , Lan three plants LED Kuan put together as a the bring out of pixel screens calls triply primitives colors screens or full colors screens. ??

Studioes inner LED the pixel of sizes general are 2-10 centimeters,Often adopt Pa severalplant Neng accrue different base color LED Kuan core capsulation Cheng an organic whole,Outdoor LED the pixel of sizes manys for 12-26 centimeters,Each pixel consist of several Ke all kinds monochromatic LED,Used to the completed product of say pixel tube or pixel mold piece.? Do if LED bringoutscreen feel like display frame elephant? Hen call for component the each of pixel LED aglow brightness Tu has got to Neng accommodate,Its accommodative delicate extent the same bring out that the gray scale of. Gray scale Yueh Kao,Apparent the eikon of just Yueh fine and smooth,Color also Yueh abundance,The display control of corresponding system also Yueh complex. ??

In the present technic horizontal down,256 grades the eikons of draies levels,Color transition had completely soft,Image restoration effect compare desirable. Do Data display,LED light source compare filament lamp section electricity 87%, compare fluorescent lamp section electricity 50%,And ages compare Pai flaming lamps long 20~30 diameters , compare fluorescent lamps long 10 diameters. ??

LED lights sources because endowed with conserve energys , environmental protections , long lives , An Chuan , responds fasts , cubage littles , colors abundance , cans accuse and so on seriess peculiars advantages,known as section electricity fall of the best of accomplish approach.

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