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McDonald"s adopts Rishang LED Signage lighting system


Have you heard McDonald’s wears new clothes yet? Just at the beginning of this month, McDonald’s announced to gradually change the packaging design in pursuit of simplicity and fashion. Concise, beautiful and legible, the new design adds vigor for McDonald's, which can better conform to the tastes of young people and transmit the spirit of advancing with the times.



In addition to changing the packaging design, McDonald's classic image creation is placed in the first place. For example, the store classic sign "M" is still in use today. Consumers are easily reminded of pleasure and delicious food and allured to go inside by the opened golden double arches which profoundly interpreted McDonald's tastes and philosophy.




The store classic sign "M" plays such an important role in highlighting brand image and attracting customers that McDonald's has invited Rishang, the China signage lighting leader, to help promote its signage lighting system. McDonald's wears new clothes after adopts Rishang’s lighting solutions!


 After wears new clothes, even on a cold night, the golden sign "M" looks warm and sweet and becomes especially eye-catching, which attracts a lot of customers to enter inside for tasty food or a good rest. We believe that McDonald's will attract more customers and its delicious food must be continued to be favored by different people.



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