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Congratulations on the Cooperation with Philips in 2017


  With the development of LED technology, it has been a trend that LED lighting with low power consumption and high efficiency gradually replaces the traditional lighting. The professional report of LEDinside shows that the global lighting market size reached $7.6 billion in 2016, and it is estimated that LED lighting will occupy 80% to 90% of the market shares of the traditional lighting and become the development direction of lighting industry. 

  As the leading enterprise in the domestic LED advertising signage and strips illumination industry, Rishang has established a cooperation relationship with Philips as the partner of Philips OEM Channel Light Source and Electronics Products in the year of 2017.

  In the booming LED lighting industry, Rishang has been growing dramatically over these years and has possessed massive user base. Through this contract, Rishang and Philips will integrate their technologies in OEM channel and electrical products area to provide better service to global customers, furthermore extend LED application area for them, and add more simple and efficient control mode for Philips OEM channel users.

  Rishang has dedicated to the research and development of LED lighting system solutions over the past ten years, and has won numerous honors such as “Shenzhen Top Brand”, “Hi-Tech Enterprise”, “China TOP One Hundred LED Enterprises”, etc. The cooperation with Philips is vital to Rishang’s development, not only increasing Rishang’s popularity in both domestic and abroad markets, but also promoting the development of its LED technology.  

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