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Signage Lighting Solution of Qingdao Metro Line 11


  Rishang’s project of signage lighting solution in Qingdao Metro Line 11 has been completed after intensive construction. The signage lighting solution by Rishang contributes to the metro’s energy conservation and emission reduction, establishing an elegant, clear and green image of landmark and also guaranteeing the stable operation of the lighting system.

  The Qingdao Metro Line 11 is about 58 kilometers in overall length, mainly high bridge laying, with 22 stations and 4 underground stations. It is a north-south fast line located in the east of east coast in Qingdao, whose completion can relieve the passenger transport pressure between Blue Silicon Valley Core Region and central urban area and provide convenient, efficient transport service for the key development area along the line, comprehensive transportation junction and tourist area.


  Rishang adopted the LED modules with high quality in the signage lighting solution. Rishang’s LED modules feature long lifetime, low attenuation, high IP grade, and good uniformity, etc. Thus the channel letter in the station board is clear with uniform brightness, energy-efficient and lowcost; besides, it is simple but also has its own features, following the design principle of Line 11 and making the stations more recognizable and characteristic.



  As the experts in signage lighting, Rishang’s LED module used in channel letters is with good quality and high luminous efficacy, which consumes only 20% of the electric energy of the traditional lighting source. And its lifetime is up to 100,000 hours, ten times of the general light tubes. It is colorful in the daytime, beautifying the environment of the stations; meanwhile it has uniform light with far visual distance at night, guaranteeing excellent lighting effect.

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