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Rishang at Beijing Sign Show 2018


Beijing Sign Show, one of the largest sign trade shows in China, was held in China National Convention Center in Beijing during 16 to 18, April 2018. During the fair, Rishang displayed premium products such as LED advertising signage, LED advertising light box, LED strip, etc. as well as excellent LED advertising illumination solutions. Visitors were attracted by Rishang’s products and application presentation and spoke highly of them at the show.


 In this fair, Rishang displayed LED lighting solution and application products. Rishang has been developing for years and concentrating on LED technology research and innovative products input all the time. Under the strategy of “ devoting to excellence with the whole heart” and technological accumulationfor a few years, Rishang has achieved mutiple innovative results in the aspects of LED product reliability, design, luminous efficacy, etc. as well as the illumination solution of LED signage, LED light box, LED strip and so on.

Solution of LEDadvertising signage illumination

Rishang displayed LED intelligent signage solution in this fair, which can sense outer environment and automatically change light intensity according to current temperature to make users better understand temperature state.



Solution of LED advertising light box illumination

LED dynamic light box is one of the most popular products in this fair and widely used in advertising signage lighting and engineering projects, featuring high focus, dynamic display, visual shock, vivid images, picture maximization and etc.



Solution of LED strip illumination


Rishang mainly displayed 50m ultra-long cascading LED strip and neon LED strip which is suitable for various shapes.



 During the fair, visitors coming to Rishang booth deeply communicated with staff about Rishang newest products and solutions. Products, with high reliability, complete certification and quality assurance, are widely used in many places and can meet the different requirements of different customers from different countries all over the world.




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