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Rishang Achieved Great Results in the LIGHTFAIR International


  On May 10th, 2018, LIGHTFAIR International, known as the largest annual exhibition of architectural and commercial lighting trade in the world, was successfully held at McCormick Exhibition Center in Chicago, USA. This exhibition, creative and imaginary, attracted global top enterprise to show the latest technology and products, presenting a obvious state of the whole industry. 

  Rishang has been constituted to the research and development of LED lighting solutions for over 10 years, providing customers with a full range of lighting products as well as lighting solutions. Rishang , being a leader of LED strip, whose products are highly recognized by new and old customers. The lighting products showed in this global top-level exhibition are favored by a large number of visitors.



LED products and solutions in the fair

Neon LED strip

Neon LED strip, as one of the star products of Rishang, was perfectly demonstrated in dynamic effect with intelligent control system in this fair., It adopts Slim neon LED strip, featuring 6mm luminous surface, small size, Indirect light and uniform color, edge bending design, flexible, changeable and multicolor choice. etc . 


Long cascading LED strip

50m long cascading LED strip series with constant voltage and constant current, shown as city outdoor lighting project , features small voltage drop from beginning to the end, uniform color and no brightness difference. 


Muti-color LED strip

Muti-color LED strip series in Rishang  mainly contain RGB、RGBW、RGB+CCT, etc. The product of RGB+CCT, whose CT is 2700-6500 available in this fair, features all-in-one LED beads, good mixed light effect, single white light, pure color and dreamy air with rich color.


High-efficiency, ultra-dense and ultra-narrow series

High-efficiency LED strip series with 170lm/W luminous efficacy feature efficient and save energy, uniform color, small voltage drop from beginning to the end and etc. Moreover, Rishang displayed 4mm ultra-narrow series LED strip with 2014 LED beads and ultra-dense series LED strip with 308LEDs per meter.


Three-dimensional LED strip series

Three-dimensional LED strip series can be widely used with the features of global patent licence, waterproof coating process and high density of 78LEDs per meter.


Rishang actively participates in lighting fair and integrates industry resource to accomplish the objective of constant innovation and steady development. Focusing on market to provide more professional and systematic LED illumination solution to customers.


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