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Rishang Optoelectronics|Solution of Strech Ceiling in Shin Kong Place


A new favorite of decoration industry, founding in Switzerland in 19th century and introducing into China in 1995, strech ceiling is widely used in recent years, which is becoming the first choice of ceiling material. Strech ceiling adopts transmitting film material,which can create a fantastic and shadow-free indoor lighting effect. 

Shin Kong Place, is designed in architecture style with east-facing facade and next to Hongjin avenue, whose outer flow line folded plate represents a purpose of gurgling river and shows the modernization of Chongqing city. The open-air back set in the west, which can connect the sunny courtyard on the ground floor to other central floors, presents a design like mountain city layer by layer. Shin Kong Place combines Chongqing local culture and architecture feature together perfectly, brings customers a new shopping experience.


Rishang opto-electronics provided Chongqing Shin Kong Place with indoor strech ceiling lighting solution. In order to fulfil the requirement of overall high-end  gorgeous style and lighting in all areas , Rishang refers to the whole indoor environment and all kinds goods to make shop lighting better-off. Its free various decorative effect can better give a concise and elegant expression to Shin Kong Place.



Chongqing Shin Kong Place indoor strech ceiling , if used in brand area on smooth mirror-like surface , it can reflect product brightness visually ; if used in shopping mall, rich color and free varied sculpt can come into being a new decorative effect and be more suitable for mall design; if used in common aisle of indirect lighting, common aisle can be moved out from past invariable form and become more changeable with the combination of transmitting film and LED lighting. 



Indoor strech ceiling solution of Chongqing Shin Kong Place, whose light source is Rishang’s  high CRI. LED strip with the features of uniform color and low voltage drop from head to tail. As a high-end LED strip lighting solution, Rishang LED strip can highlight brand and goods through high CRI. Light, and bring customer a good shopping environment.


Installation site of Chongqing Shin Kong Place

Rishang has devoted to develop world class LED lighting product in LED industry since 2007 and has already grown into top supplier of LED lighting solution. Rishang insists on customer focused and providing competitive LED lighting solution for customer all the time. This strech ceiling solution , can enhance influence of Shin Kong Place in Jiazhou Yubei trading area, enrich customer experience, promote core competence of Shin Kong Place in Chongqing main city, build a upmarket shopping and life center in the upper Yangtze River.

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