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Rishang Finished Successfully in HK International Lighting Fair


   Autumn wind sweeps all lands from the north to the south, so the weather gets cooler. HK International Lighting Fair, the last fair for Rishang in the year of 2018,  has successfully held in exhibition centre, which concentrates with our staffs’ much efforts and hopes. I believe that the trip to HK exhibition is indeed worth.

   Since established in 2007, Rishang’s marketing services are all over the world and its luminous products such as LED strip, LED signage and LED light box are highly honored by customers at home and abroad. Rishang’s brilliant lighting solutions in this fair reveal hard power of products. Seeing is believing, let’s look back on this wonderful exhibition!




   Step to the Rishang booth, first sight to customer is capital letters “RISHANG” in bond of LED pixel strip solution . Rishang’s LED pixel strip, which can be cut between every unit and there are IC internally in LEDs. Meanwhile products feature high reliability and high quality with various protection technology, and they are one of ideal options in decorative lighting design.



   Under the LED pixel strip, what also catch our eyes, is construction contour sketched by high voltage LED strip. This LED strip with silica gel extrusion technology, is power fed by AC 220V, stable and no flicker, a new choice for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. 



   Move inside, we can see multi-color“RISHANG”, that is LED neon strip. Neon strip features with lateral bending design, uniform color without dark area and wide applicability. The bright, beautiful and dynamic features of neon strip are irreplaceable by any other lights, and it is a real city beautician who take the lead in the emerging and competing of all kinds of new lights.



   The solutions below LED neon strip are “KFC”and Apple Logo, which are consist of M9P series module. The signage logo adopts OSRAM LEDs with the features of low attenuation and long life, and is one of newly developed designed products this year, another new favorite in middle and high-end markets at home and abroad.



   Taking the opportunity of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Rishang performed well with high quality products, good brand reputation and customer-oriented service. There were many people in Rishang booth, and the products were accepted by all the customers. During the detailed conversation, the customer shared valuable opinions with us and expressed their intention of further cooperation.

   This is a feast of light, but also a journey of harvest. In recent years, Rishang has become increasingly powerful in the field of lighting and signage, and its brand has become more and more profound. Relying on  strong market operation capacity, Rishang has been ranked among the best in the lighting industry. In the days ahead, Rishang will continue to improve its management, enhance its comprehensive strength and integrate market resources to cope with the unpredictable challenges, create more high-quality products and promote the LED industry to serve the society better and faster.

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